Julia A. Collier
Hamilton County 7th District
Municipal Court Judge

"I will have a more balanced
perspective and apply the law
fairly and equally."

~ Julia A. Collier

About Julia Collier

Julia A. Collier is a proud resident of and a judicial candidate for the Hamilton County 7th District for Municipal Court. Collier and her family are established, active members of the community. Collier would be proud to represent her community, the 7th District, as Municipal Court Judge.

Community Roots

Collier and her family live in the 7th District for the Hamilton County Municipal Court. (Collier is the only candidate running for the 7th District who lives in the District, as of May 1st filing deadline.) Not only does Collier live in the District, she and her family are part of the fabric of the community.

Collier has voted to support school levies within the District. She has coached her children's basketball teams at Dulles Elementary School, and attended years of elementary, middle school, and high school soccer, cross country, basketball, swim, and track events at Cleves, Harrison, Oak Hills, Ross, and Taylor. Through the years, she's gotten to volunteer with and know the other members of the 7th District community.

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103 Years of Westside History

  • 1914

    Alvina Goodenberger

    Alvina Goodenberger moves to Delhi from an orphanage to live with and work for Catherine Pedretti.

  • 1923

    Alvina marries Dewey Bryan, moves to Tanner Rd in Delhi and raises a son, Charles.

  • 1950

    Charles marries Betty Tschan and moves to Fashion Ave, Delhi, where they raise David, Donald and Darrell.

  • 1976

    David and his wife Ellen move to a new home on Morrvue with their kids Becky, Rob and Debbie.

  • 1987

    Julia meets Rob at Zantigos on Glenway Ave.

  • 1999

    Julia marries Rob and is asked at the wedding "when are you moving to Delhi? Once a 38er, always a 38er".

  • 2006

    Julia, Rob, Jack and Claire move to Delhi.

  • 2017

    Julia decides to run for 7th District Municipal Court Judge! To give back to the community -- that means so much to her and her family.



THE CAMPAIGN November 7th, 2017 at 9pm
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Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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